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MiniSuit Apple iPad 2, New iPad 3 Aluminum Bluetooth Keyboard Case Cover Stand

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Wow this keyboard is an absurdly good deal at a price found below $40.  It’s got an aluminium look and feel to it which makes it look like it was designed by Apple and made just for the iPad.

This iPad keyboard fits all iPad models and even works with iPhones and your Mac via Bluetooth.

It’s a great travel keyboard that allows you to simply snap your iPad in and it’s instantly secure with the iPad screen facing toward the keyboard keys and the back of the keyboard’s aluminium backing protecting it from dings.

It also has a built in stand!

MiniSuit Apple iPad 2, New iPad 3 Aluminum Bluetooth Keyboard


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If you’re looking for a part time keyboard that can travel well and work with other devices besides your iPad 1,2 and 3 then this is a keyboard for you.

With over 130 reviews that average 4.5 stars you know this is a quality iPad 3 keyboard.

There are lots of great features that this keyboard has but one nice one is that it takes regular standard AAA batteries.  Oh, and they last up to 10 months too. AAA batteries are advantageous over built in rechargeable batteries because you can simply put new batteries in when you need them versus waiting for the internal keyboard batteries to charge.

Logitech Tablet Keyboard for iPad 3

The keys are very short or low profile and feel very sturdy.  There are build in keys that allow you to select text and copy/cut text while in your iPad.

Build in volume and video/music controls!

It comes with a great looking carrying case that doubles as a nifty stand.  You can use your iPad in portrait or landscape mode.

Battery saving auto shut off feature.

This keyboard works with iPhones, Android phones, Macs and just about anything that can accept Bluetooth.

QUANTUM iPad 3 keyboard case QUANTUM iPad 3 keyboard

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The QUANTUM iPad 3 keyboard case from splash products is a elegant and convenient way to type on your new iPad 3 and keep it protected. The QUANTUM has superior quality and design over some other cases such as Kensington which has the design but a horrible keyboard.

The keyboard allows you to type without getting the smudges and typos from pressing onto the screen. It is wonderful for the person who likes to keep their gadgets clean.The keyboard is nicely laid out and the size is relative to the iPad itself, granted we all would love a full size keyboard with everything a laptop has, but it’s size is somewhere near a netbook but a little larger. The keys work well with average sized fingers and I have yet to punch a key in twice and is dust-proof.
The level of protection the case provides is great with supple leather that offers nice padding when it is accidentally dropped.
The Bluetooth connection is almost immediate and you will be typing e-mails, surfing the web, or writing memos in no time, however make sure the Bluetooth is set to on. After 15 minutes of inactivity the Bluetooth will shut off due to inactivity to all the user to extract more battery usage from it.

QUANTUM iPad 3 keyboard case black
The final part of the QUANTUM is the stand which allows you to rest the iPad on it and it feels pretty much like a PC. The only down side to the stand is there is no tilt.
In the end the QUANTUM from Splash products is one of the top cases for the iPad 3 at this time and will be one of the best accessories for your iPad, as it is light-weight, comfortable, has protection, and a dust-proof keyboard with quiet keystrokes and convenient spacing between the keys.

Targus Versavu Keyboard Case ipad 3 ipad 3 Targus Versavu Keyboard

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The Targus Versavu iPad 3 Keyboard Case is a fantastic option for any iPad user who is sick of the hit-or-miss keyboard found in iOS. This is a hard cover case that provides a solid combination of style and productivity. It comes in either black or bone white, so you are given options as far as what kind of statement you want to make with your device. Also, it comes with a very high-quality stylus. Of course, the most important part of this case is it’s keyboard, which, to put it quite frankly, is excellent.

ipad 3 Targus Versavu KeyboardAlthough it is on the smaller side, it does not feel cheap at all and has a solid amount of tactile feedback. The keys are large enough for people with bigger fingers to type comfortably, and they also have a decent amount of spacing between each other, allowing for accurate typing each and every time. The keyboard can also be used in both portrait and landcape orientations, so the case is very usable for anyone and everyone.

All of that being said, I do have some issues with this Targis Versavu case. The keys are fingerprint magnets and seem to be attracted to the oils on my fingers; within a week of use, the keyboard began to look dirty and a bit old. Perhaps my biggest issue with this case is it’s price. Even with a full keyboard, a stylus, and a unique design, $99.99 feels a bit high. Plenty of other similar cases are currently on the market for more reasonable prices, such as the Kensington KeyFolio Pro 2, which comes in at under $70 and still has a high-quality, full fledged keyboard. Even more competitvely priced is the New Trent IMP39B Embassy Keyboard Case, which may not look as nice as the Targis, but still provides a very usable keyboard.

Personally, I deeply enjoyed my time with this case, regardless of it’s flaws. I believe that the case is very high quality and good looking, but I’d look at the zagg folio for ipad 3 before buying.

black Targus Versavu Keyboard Case

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